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Any of these obstacles could have derailed the team's progress and performance. Indeed, working through the obstacles made the team stronger. The words "crippleware," "demos," "shareware," "nagware," and "vaporware," are familiar to many people in the computer industry, but mean little or nothing to people unfamiliar with the terms.

Computer jargon: Some software companies issue crippleware demos. Social theory jargon: Critical theory seeks to problematize the hegemonic reification of oppressive stratified social constructs.

Explaining concepts is not insulting; it is helpful, as long as the explanations show that you respect the reader.

Some people with cognitive disabilities may need more explanation than others, but when you write for general audiences, assume a general level of intelligence.

Many popular magazines, such as Readers Digest and Ladies' Home Journal are written at about this level.

Definition Of Writing By Experts Evaluating Critical Thinking Skills

News sources such as Newsweek are written at a slightly higher level, approximately 10th grade.When you think you're finished, take the opportunity to analyze it one more time to see if the organization still makes sense to you. They can cut their own hair (what remains of it) with a razor or clippers.Main idea 2: Bald people don't have to style their hair.The following paragraph presents an idea about teams.The first sentence clearly states the main idea of the paragraph ("Obstacles are a continual fact of life for teams").They only have to dry their head with a towel after showering, and are then free to move on to other more relevant activities, like reading the comics, practicing yoga, or climbing trees.Main idea 3: Even on windy days, bald people never get hair in their eyes or mouth, at least not their own hair, which makes windy days more bearable for the vast majority of people who don't particularly like the taste of hair.The Burlington Northern Intermodal Team, for example, encountered weak support from management, policies against advertising, distrust of truckers, and mediocre talent in the intermodal department.It also faced bad weather, intense competition, and a poor economy when it had to prove its strategy with the two new hubs.As you read this paragraph, notice how the other sentences in the paragraph support the main idea in the first sentence. They occur from the moment a potential team gathers until the team comes to an end.Obstacles also differ as much as the teams, performance challenges, organizational settings, and business contexts that produce them.


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