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He believes that the study of cultures and how their beliefs change over time is preferable over judgment of these cultures and their beliefs.Benedict, however, did have a break from her stance regarding the Cultural Relativism Theory.Ethical relativism theorizes that there are no universally valid moral principles, but that all moral principles are valid relative to culture or individual choice.

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He maintains that these folkways are the customs, mores and traditions of each society become ingrained and that the members of these societies naturally come to think of them as objectively right and good.

Sumner states, The morality of a group at a time is the sum of the taboos and prescriptions in the folkways by which right conduct is defined (SS p.220).

When World War II broke out, Benedict reconsidered her beliefs on Relativity.

She was having difficulty believing that the Nazi culture was just as valid and adaptive as any other culture was.It seems to be the polite way to view the differences between cultures without judging them.It offers an easy explanation of why cultures are not the same.Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban objects to the widespread acceptance of ethical relativism by anthropologists.She believes the posture of tolerance requires anthropologists to stand up for basic human rights.(JR p.20) Rachels sees three consequences for taking the Cultural Relativism Theory seriously.We could decide whether actions are right or wrong just by consulting the standards of our society.Herodotus announced the relativist principle when he said, Custom is king.(SS p.206) This principal customs of other cultures.Other philosophers and moralists reviewed in this paper such as Pojman, assert that this tolerance should end when the practice or custom of a particular culture violates a universal human right.As I read the different assertions of these authors, I find myself moving back and forth between accepting and rejecting relativism.


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