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Many of your future academic workplace writing assignments will be expository–explaining your ideas or the significance of a concept or action.An expository essay allows the writer the opportunity to explain his or her ideas about a topic and to provide clarity for the reader by using: Imagine you need to verbally explain a concept to your classmates, maybe a behavioural theory.

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In fact, he thought of it as a reversible equation; you give respect and you get respect, and that is what he me throughout his lifetime.

My grandfather always taught me to respect people regardless of their religion, status, and color.

Obeying an order from a NCO or commissioned officers is highly respect in the military world the proper way to respect an NCO or commissioned officer is by standing at the proper position for an NCO it will be standing at parade rest for a commissioned officer the soldier or personnel addressing the officer will stand at attention if the soldier of personnel does not do the proper actions then there will be an on the spot correction unless given the order to either stand at ease or rest then you can stand at any position you want, but overall if you are ddress to do something by a NCO or commissioned officer then you need to do that order.

Do the direct order now not later or put it off because it is disobeying a direct order from a NCO or commissioned officer and that will lead to consequences ranging from counseling to UCMJ punishment because of a disobeyed a direct order from an NCO or commissioned officer.

Also, it helps recognizing and acknowledging all our leaders who and what purpose they are in this U. Army to give them the proper courtesies of their position and/or Title.

Respect is found in the same way as disrespect but for the sign of Respect is that the person shows you their upmost attention to every detail that is put out to the person.

You may actually be doing this all the time; for example, when you are giving someone directions to a place or explaining how to cook something.

In the following sections of the chapter, you will practise doing this more in different expository written forms.

You can’t have respect without discipline because it creates a sense of unity among soldiers which under extreme circumstances the military cannot afford to have any causality because of one individual’s decision to disrespect one of leaders appointed over me direct orders.

Self-less Service leads to teamwork and encompasses discipline and is most effective when all soldiers can expect and give mutual espect to their fellow soldiers.


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