Different Types Of Tones In Essays

Tone can also be compared to differing attitudes of human behavior — the difference, for instance, in how you behave at work, at church, at a party, and so on.Tone and voice are two features of writing that go hand in hand to create the style for a piece of writing.In creative writing, tone is more subjective, but it also requires focus on communication.

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Each piece of fiction, each section of text, has a particular feel.

The feel of a story or scene is primarily achieved through three elements—tone, mood, and style.

Tone is established when the author answers a few basic questions about the purpose of the writing: Tone depends on these and other questions.

In expository, or informative, writing, tone should be clear and concise, confident but courteous.

Tone can be manipulated by changing his changing reactions to what is going on in the story as well as by changing the words used for his thoughts, action, and dialogue.

The tone of a scene can also be affected by manipulation of the sense elements.The attitude and the personality — two other ways to describe these qualities — could also be said to blend into a flavor of writing.Whatever analogy you use, make a conscious decision about tone based on the purpose, the audience, and the desired outcome of your work.Reactions and Demeanor How does the narrator or viewpoint character come across? To create a tone that works, word choices have to match the character the moment.How does he respond to story events and revelations? So if a character is desperate, his actions, thoughts, and words should reflect that desperation.Tone is delivered in the form of syntax and usage, in imagery and symbolism, allusion and metaphor, and other literary tools and techniques, but that shouldn’t imply that developing tone is a technical enterprise that involves a checklist.Just as with mastering your writing voice (while being flexible enough to adapt it to a particular project), adopting a certain tone depends on these and many other qualitative factors.Examples of tone you might find in fiction are strident, uncaring, sassy, bossy, unconcerned, or flip.Remember that these refer to the narrator’s (viewpoint character’s) attitude.He might notice his lover’s soft skin or the colors she uses or her smile, things he doesn’t notice or comment on in other scenes.Keeping a tender attitude far from him in scenes when he’s away from his lover will reveal much of who he is and perhaps how much he relies on her to humanize him.


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