Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay

Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay-51
Owen glorifies football and then compares it to war.This is ironic because they are completely different. When “a blood-smear down leg” it makes them feel like a man compared to war where the physical contact leads to disablement and death.

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People forgot his accomplishments and didn’t care about what he’d been through. Only a solemn man who brought him fruits him; and then inquired about his soul.

’ From all the people in his town only a simple fruit seller gave him any notice but all it was was pity, he didn’t really understand what the man went through.

Owen also uses constant rhyme and rhythm to show the vicious cycle of life after war.

Firstly, Owen presents the reader with the depressing image of a hopeless man. Owen uses multiple adjectives and colour imagery to vividly describe this man’s sacrifices such as his manly youth and happiness.

This reveals that the man did not consider all the consequences of his actions. “He’s lost his colour very far from here”, this metaphor can show that the man lost his happiness or in the literal sense the colour red due to all of the blood-shed, all wasted where bombs exploded during war, with this Owen creates a sense of blood imagery.

Half of his life disappeared as a consequence of war; it was a waste of a life physically and mentally.The man saw the soldiers of Austria and Germany, not as individuals but as a country.‘Germans he scarcely thought of; all their guilt, Austria’s, did not move him’, only after the war would he realise that the soldiers of Germany and Austria were just like him, individuals with a life to live.He didn’t have to beg; they wrote his lie”, this shows that army officials do not mind as they need men with that state of mind.Owen highlights this stanza because he wants to show how much false hope and pleasure is told for people to join the war.Men go to war feeling brave and nationalistic but come back mentally scarred due to the brutality of war.This is revealed by Owen’s use of repetition about blood-shed and the consequences of war on life.Wilfred Owen’s poem ‘Disabled’ is about the experience of war on the common soldier.War leaves soldiers mentally and physically disabled.This leaves the reader feeling sympathy for him as it makes him sound lonely and hopeless.“ he threw away his knees”, “girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim”.


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