Dissertation On Csr Reporting

It includes a literature review, an empirical study, and a case study, organized as three chapters.Chapter 1 is a comprehensive review of the literature. Then it explores how CSR enhances firm value from the perspectives of different participants in CSR, including managers, consumers, investors, regulators and rating agencies.

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Chapter 2 discusses the phenomenon of CSR report restatement.

Many firms voluntarily issue CSR reports and restate them subsequently.

This article bases on author’s doctoral theses: Ethics audit: a management tool for assessing of corporate social responsibility and preventing ethical risks.), media releases, and the author’s own personal experience as an assessor of CSR reports in Estonia, have provided cases where highly-ranked responsible companies have acted unethically or violated the basic principles of responsible behaviour.

The results of research curried out by the author in 2013 indicated that 5 companies from 13 have contradiction between declared values or statements in CSR report and real behaviour (Rihma and Meel ).

Furthermore, the media is useful in detecting greenwashing, but fails to monitor whether greenwashing firms improve their corporate social performance in the future.

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Applying the yearly list of greenwashing firms from South Weekend in China, this case study finds that the media not only disseminates secondary information, but also generates valuable information by issuing lists of firms that engage in greenwashing.

The market reaction to greenwashing is associated with the extent of a firm’s greenwashing and whether that firm is on the list for the first time.

Thus, the symbolic meaning of a restatement is more important than its actual influence.

CSR restatement is a voluntary choice of management rather than a forced choice due to outside pressure.


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