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These studies have also facilitated the comparison of Nordic dissertations themes to those in the USA (e.g., compiled by Stock [] call a relabeling approach between the terms of logistics and SCM.The purpose of this paper is to document the progress of doctoral work in logistics and SCM within the Nordic countries between 20.

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Several authors have analyzed and classified doctoral dissertations in logistics and SCM, both within the Nordic countries as well as the USA.

In this section, nine prior studies—seven American studies and two Nordic studies—are briefly mentioned so as to identify the trends in topical coverage through the years and to see whether there are any similarities between the topics chosen by Ph D students across the Atlantic.

Occasionally, research topics that are larger in scope require a team of two students.

A faculty supervisor is assigned to each thesis project to provide guidance for the research effort and writing process.

The paper is based on a detailed review of 150 doctoral dissertations.

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Compared with previous studies, this paper identifies a trend toward: more dissertations based on a collection of articles than monographs; more dissertations focusing on inter-organizational SCM issues; a shift from a focal company perspective to functional aspects and supply chain-related research; and finally, a continued decreased focus on the philosophy of science.

Graduates often reflect that this is one of the most challenging and rewarding components of the supply chain degree program.

Typically, the research directly involves one or more companies or organizations.

The first study of compendiums of Ph D research in logistics conducted by Stock back in 1987 [].

This study showed a distinct increasing trend in the number of dissertations within SCM- and/or logistic-related areas in the period from 1999 to 2004 when compared to the period covered by the 2001 study.


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