Dissertation Topics On Human Resource Management

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Staffs of the Ministry were used as subject for the study. A sample of 150 staff form the Ministry of Finance in Akwa Ibom State used.

Instrument used in gathering data was questi…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 1,369 engagements | 2.

However, productivity targets vary from reality or actual performance because of ranges of variables: Environment: Human: Technology, Organizational and so on. Continue Reading » 65 pages | 423 engagements | 10.

THE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS OF STAFF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS » CHAPTER ONE 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The Nigeria breweries PLC, Enugu is a public limited company, which was established in 1946 for the sole purpose of brewing.

The process involves doing your research well, involving other people and considering some of the available suggestions on the online and offline platforms.

TRAINING MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE IN AN ORGANIZATION » ABSTRACT The training of Manpower Development and Employee Performance in an Organization was studied with The Ministry of Finance in Akwa Ibom State as a reference point.There are various topics in human resource that will get quick approval from the beginning.Here are some of them: Being able to find the right topic for your dissertation will be fulfilling and exciting.Having dreaded the idea of coming up with a dissertation topic, you eventually must embrace the reality.In fact, as the deadline approaches, you must come up with a topic that allows you to score highly in your human resource course.Focus on areas you may have realized needed more insights.Still, find a topic that has enough sources and that is interesting.THE IMPACT OF PERFORMANCE EVALUATION ON WORKERS PRODUCTIVITY IN NIGERIA » CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW2.1 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Performance evolution has been describe as an act of determining the performance ability and subsequently rating of the employee to a particular standard.Performance evaluation has been defined by various authors in their own various ways.THE ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROMOTING INDUSTRIAL HARMONY » CHAPTER ONE INTROUDUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Human resource function becomes recognized as a central business concern sequel to its ability to integrate employee welfare and organizational objective and effective communication into strategic management.Human resource management seeks to eliminate the meditation role and adopts a generally unitarist perspective.


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