Dissertation Word Count 10000

The blocks clip together to make a little lego ‘wall’ that the students can display at their writing station.

When first presented with the idea of the blocks the students laugh, but all too soon, they are typing furiously with single minded purpose – to get the next block.

This organising technique works best for very late stage thesis students, but it can be a way of creating order at any time in your journey and working out what you need to find out or write more about.

I’ve made a downloadable cheat sheet which shows you my own Thesis map, generated by the above method so you can make one of your own.

Well, Rachel says she can, with three conditions: 1) Know what you are going to write before you write it 2) Set aside a protected time to write, and 3) Feel enthusiastic about what you are writing I read the post with interest. Thesis Bootcamp (and the veteran’s days which follow) is a total program designed to help late stage Ph D students finish their thesis document (In some countries this document is called the ‘dissertation’, but I will use the Australian term ‘thesis’ here).

The Thesis Bootcamp formula was developed by Liam Connell and Peta Freestone of the University of Melbourne.At Bootcamp we teach our students to focus the generative writing energy to productive effect.An important step in this process is for the student to spend at least a week making a ‘Thesis map’ before they come to Bootcamp.I think the anxiety stems from the idea that ‘Thesis structure’ is some kind of perfect platonic form they need to discover.It’s important to realise that structure is made, not found.Thesis structure is strongly influenced by disciplinary precedent and the content of the Thesis itself.A history Ph D it might follow a timeline from the past to the present; a science Ph D might echo the order of the experiments that have been performed.But multi-disciplinary Ph Ds, or Ph Ds in ‘polyglot’ disciplines like education, do not have comfortable traditions. Try the following technique: Following these steps will help you to create the Thesis map – but it’s important to remember that this is merely an aid to writing, not a plan set in stone.You can change, add and move stuff around as you write.just writing as much as you can, not as well as you can.It works best when you don’t second-guess yourself too much.


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