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Divorce Case Studies Australia-53
The 12 month separation period must be continuous OR a total period of 12 months apart, broken only by one period of reconciliation of less than three months.

Australian family law is principally found in the federal Family Law Act 1975 as well as in other laws and the common law and laws of equity, which affect the family and the relationship between those people, including when those relationships end.

Most family law is practised in the Family Court of Australia.

For a joint application both parties should file an affidavit.

In both types of applications (sole and joint) there should also be a third person affidavit to corroborate the evidence.

When the court grants a divorce it must be satisfied that proper arrangements have been made for the welfare of the children.

If there are children, one of the parents must attend court for the divorce.

The federal Family Law Act 1975 covers divorce, children's orders, property division, spousal maintenance and related matters.

The distinction that existed before 1975 between void and voidable marriages no longer exists.

It is only necessary for one of the parties to want the divorce.

It can relate to a marriage which occurred in Australia or outside Australia provided that either the husband or wife:-is an Australian citizen, or is domiciled in Australia, or-has been resident in Australia for one year.


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