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In some cases, the tutors may allow students to select a topic of their own, but in others they choose a topic for the whole class to res write essay on it, for groups, or a different topic for each student.

Even in situations where you are given common to work on either individually or as a group, the document presented must be unique, interesting and should be well-researched.

Yes, all the more so, because invention is a more tightly directed activity than discovery; and the two are not mutually exclusive anyway!

I prefer the word hypothesis: that which underlies a thesis; you may be more familiar or comfortable with aims or objectives.

We can fact check for you, ensure your paper flows well, remove unnecessary ad repetitious sections and advise you on better wording and sentence structure.

We can also check your spelling punctuation and grammar for you. but a mistake that wouldn’t matter in high school and could even be overlooked as a graduate or undergraduate won’t cut it at doctoral level and may result in a loss of marks.Generally, engineering is a technical course, and writing paper on any discipline in it is not easy.To make the work more professional you have to get your information from verified sources.These page outline the structure and various stages of an honours thesis and provides links to other pages that will give you more information and some examples from past theses.These pages on writing tools provide assistance with different types of linking ideas and commons writing problems.The hypothesis for this project may be, ‘It is possible to sort good apples from bad using ANNs and suitable hardware’.Note that implicit in your hypothesis is a definition of acceptable levels of accuracy (how do you quantify the words ‘possible’, ‘good’, and ‘bad’ ? Suppose that on completing your project, you discovered that the system you had devised works well with green apples, but not with red ones.You would have discovered new knowledge and would be able to suggest a revised hypothesis as the starting point for further investigation.Your own project would have demonstrated the correctness of a hypothesis like ‘It is possible to sort good green apples from bad green apples, with an accuracy of better than 90%, using ANNs and suitable hardware’.Having been to university themselves and qualified to master’s degree and Ph D level, these writers know what makes a thesis pop. Just look at the reviews on our website and see for yourself that we have helped hundreds of students just like you.And they are ready and waiting to put that knowledge to use and help you on your way to success. Our low price and reliable writers make a winning combination that you can take advantage of today.


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