Essay About Friendship With Introduction

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Sometimes I wonder whether the ending of friendships is simply part of life. Then why, I wonder, does my best friend from childhood remain one of my very best friends? I don’t have a positive, wrapped-up-in-a-pretty-bow way to end this post.

Is it just chance that we didn’t drift as we grew and changed? But I suppose what I’m trying to convey is that these days, I’m so aware of the fragility of friendships and relationships. Friends move; lives take unexpected twists and turns.

We even went so far as to catch up on the goings on in our lives since we’d parted ways.

Yet somehow, we’d grown comfortable with each other’s absence, and staying in touch was no longer as easy as it had once been.

), Mitch and I were talking about how much of a positive impact the One-Month Challenge made, and we started brainstorming ways to take things a step further and make blogging even easier and more enjoyable for me. (Truth, but sheesh.) Recently, though, blogging has become SO much easier because I have a few regular posts that go up on a weekly basis.

) / Classic Beadnell (Also LOVE the polarquilt one, also back in stock, as it’s a little more flattering and super warm.) myself as an organized person, but in reality, organization does not come naturally to me. While we were in California (more on our trip soon! I absolutely love running this site, but I’ll admit that more often than not, I end up sitting at my computer late-night wondering how in the world I’m going to throw something together for the following morning.Most importantly you need not fake yourself and just be what you are. It is one of the most beautiful of the relations in the world.Students of today need to understand the values of friendship and therefore we have composed different long essays for students as well as short essays.But then the days, weeks and months passed, and a sense of normalcy returned. Maybe six months into our break, we both realized that our friendship was worth saving, and we decided to patch things up.Apologies were made by both parties; forgiveness and understanding were issued.At the start of it, talking it out wasn’t really working, and I decided to step away from the situation for a while because, frankly, I couldn’t fathom the idea of crying every day for very much longer.It goes without saying that I thought about my friend and the “fight” constantly, despite the distance.(Those apologies were ) But the last time we talked? Like I mentioned, nearly four years have passed since that falling out. That at some point, they can stop bringing joy to each other’s lives?I’m lucky and grateful to have several other amazing girlfriends in my life–some old and some new–but I’m still sad about what happened, and I often think about what I lost. Clearly, I’m no longer the same person I was when I was eight years old.Or did we really just knock it out of the park when we first decided to become friends? No, they shouldn’t feel like a burden, and they shouldn’t crumble easily. People get married and have kids and get promoted and time is of the utmost demand.And sure, the occasional friendship can be truly toxic and worth ending. As a whole, I’ve learned that a little extra care and thought simply needs to be put into the friendships I have from chapters of my life that I’ve left. No longer can I simply run over to my childhood best friend’s house for a sleepover, for example, or make last-minute plans to meet my middle school bestie for ice cream in Princeton.


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