Essay About High School Graduation Day

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When they get to high school, they soon realize the biggest decisions in their life will soon be made and their work has just begun.

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Hands shaking, tapping our feet, anxiously as each name is called up. We all acquire our turn to stand on stage, smiling, grabbing the framed diploma, then a flash… It’s one of those things you waste your whole childhood dreaming about, and now that the moment is here, you don’t know how to react.

Boxes and moving trucks will soon fill our lives at the beginning of the year; memories all tightly packed away to make room for more.

Someone must have pushed a fast forward button, like our lives are a movie and we hold no sense of stopping time.

As the song Breathe goes, “Life’s just an hourglass glued to the table…

Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry are a few examples of how college students have to learn to provide for themselves.

Essay About High School Graduation Day

College students who move away have to build relationships and meet new people; these new friends can take them down paths they should not go.

Next year, we’ll be paying for school, living off of Top Ramen, and awaiting this last step that determines how the rest of our lives will pan out.

Some being something as prestigious as an MD or lawyer, some heading to community college or trade schools, some just heading straight into careers.

Another decision a person may choose after graduating high school is commuting to college.

Commuting is not a possibility for everyone graduating high school because of location, but can be a great opportunity for those who are in drivable distance to a college.


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