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Water pollution isn't just a problem for the United States.According to United Nations, 783 million people do not have access to clean water and around 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.Adequate sanitation helps to keep sewage and other contaminants from entering the water supply.

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Plastics comprised about 13% of the solid waste, while rubber, leather and textiles made up 9.5% and metals 9%.

Wood contributed to 6.2% of the garbage; glass was 4.4% and other miscellaneous materials made up about 3%.

A common type of air pollution happens when people release particles into the air from burning fuels.

This pollution looks like soot, containing millions of tiny particles, floating in the air.

The EPA also states that the United State's most common contaminants are bacteria, mercury, phosphorus and nitrogen.

These come from the most common sources of contaminates, that include agricultural runoff, air deposition, water diversions and channelization of streams.

Nutrient pollution, also called eutrophication, is another type of water pollution.

It is when nutrients, such as nitrogen, are added into bodies of water.

Water pollution can also severely affect marine life.

For example, sewage causes pathogens to grow, while organic and inorganic compounds in water can change the composition of the precious resource.


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