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Furthermore, compared to the predictability of the university semester, my consulting schedule was completely erratic.If I had a free day on my calendar, it could get filled with client work (sometimes on the other side of the country) at a moment’s notice.For one thing, the corporate clients I worked with all had an incredibly high level of urgency.

It makes sense to seek a second opinion on your essays; some students spend money on consultants who help them frame their personal story on paper, or improve their communication via video.

But business schools have in recent years tried to stamp out “ghostwriting”, when applicants pay people to write their essays.

For Master’s in Management (Mi M) candidates applying to the top business schools, possessing all three traits would be invaluable.

So, well-written essays play a more pivotal role in the admissions process.

“On the one hand, the Mi M application is not an essay writing contest,” says Kaplan’s Borges.

ack when I was in university, I was pretty lax about managing my time.

“It would be naïve to assume that every applicant produces essays from start to finish in total isolation,” says Min.

“However, without exception, a candidate’s ownership of and accountability for his or her final essays must never be compromised.” Consultants warn that it is important not to neglect the other elements of your application, which usually include a standardized test, such as the GMAT.

The school says the video format enables a more personal courtship than penned prose.

Achieving perfection in a written or video essay is challenging, but achievable, says Alex Min, CEO of The MBA Exchange, an admissions consulting firm.


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