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They may even expose their workers to public embarrassment, shame, or guilt in an effort to reach their own personal goals.

Those seeking to become effective leaders may do well to reflect on the importance of emotional intelligence. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

They tend to view their team members as individuals with unique abilities, backgrounds, and personalities, rather than as a uniform collective.

Effective leaders seek to understand and connect emotionally with their staff—genuinely sharing in their joys as well as their concerns.

A good leader is able to create the type of work environment where each person feels relevant and motivated to succeed.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are able to use their social skills to foster rapport and trust with their employees.

Leaders with low EQ may display attitudes and behaviors such as: Despite these issues, however, some experts believe emotional intelligence may be trained and developed.

Though emotional intelligence is usually painted in a positive light and is often considered to be a valuable personality trait, a balanced view of the concept can be important.

Business leaders with high EQ and self-serving motives may toy with the emotions of their employees, using them to climb the corporate ladder with little regard for their workers’ long-term welfare.

Such leaders may also pretend to offer friendship and support, while secretly seeking to undermine the ambitions of team members who could become potential rivals.


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