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Apparently, it’s not enough to focus all your waking hours on school. For some of you, I’m sure it’s all a little too much talk of school and education, and sometimes being immersed in the subject means that it can be difficult to find your way to the perfect essay topic. Check out these 20 topics for your education essay.

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Here, I will attempt to answer these questions using a holistic approach that would present the facts and figures behind receiving an education before making educated inferences that would provide the needed answers.

It is a proven fact that education has played a huge role in the United States by creating a more level playing ground for people of diverse races.

Think about all those hours in the classroom combined with all those hours studying and all those hours in extracurricular activities.

You’ve probably spent the majority of your waking hours in some school-related task.

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If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a student who has spent most of your life in school.

These positive growth among minorities which includes Native Americans is quickly erasing the education gap between white students and students of minority descent.

But in the midst of these positives, a newer form of inequality is rearing its ugly head, in the form of an educational gap between students from wealthy homes and these from poorer homes.

Thinking about writing an argument essay but not sure what a finished product might look like?

Check out these two example essays (with annotations).


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