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But in addition there's sometimes a cascading effect.

If I know the afternoon is going to be broken up, I'm slightly less likely to start something ambitious in the morning.

I know this may sound oversensitive, but if you're a maker, think of your own case.

Don't your spirits rise at the thought of having an entire day free to work, with no appointments at all?

You can't write or program well in units of an hour. When you're operating on the maker's schedule, meetings are a disaster.

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A single meeting can blow a whole afternoon, by breaking it into two pieces each too small to do anything hard in. That's no problem for someone on the manager's schedule.I suspect founders may increasingly be able to resist, or at least postpone, turning into managers, just as a few decades ago they started to be able to resist switching from jeans to suits.How do we manage to advise so many startups on the maker's schedule?Most powerful people are on the manager's schedule. But there's another way of using time that's common among people who make things, like programmers and writers.They generally prefer to use time in units of half a day at least.I find one meeting can sometimes affect a whole day.A meeting commonly blows at least half a day, by breaking up a morning or afternoon.July 2009One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people. There are two types of schedule, which I'll call the manager's schedule and the maker's schedule. It's embodied in the traditional appointment book, with each day cut into one hour intervals.You can block off several hours for a single task if you need to, but by default you change what you're doing every hour.I used to program from dinner till about 3 am every day, because at night no one could interrupt me.Then I'd sleep till about 11 am, and come in and work until dinner on what I called "business stuff." I never thought of it in these terms, but in effect I had two workdays each day, one on the manager's schedule and one on the maker's.


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