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Tantra, the technique of one performance serving the purpose of many 4 5 9 6 9 . Prayers are offered to him tv sages in the past and will be offered by the sages in future. The role of Arthavada, Mantra and Namadheya in organising the sacrifice 4 8 1 7 3 . In the very first hymn of Rg Veda, Agni is descried as Rtvik and Hota.

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In these texts of Samhita and Brahmana the sacrifices are described.

The main sacrifices, the subordinate rituals, the anxiliries, and the hymns are stated. As many as eighteen Srauta Sutras are related to Sama veda.

They do not accept the God who causes srsti, sthiti and laya.

For Mimamsakas the sacrificial and other Religious and ethical activities are the means as well as the ends of human welfare.

In five sections viz, Prajapatya, Saumya, Agneya, Vaisvadeva and Svayambhuva.

This helps us to comprehend Rsi, Devata, hymns and rituals.

In this volume a critical and disciplinary study of all major issues of Purvamimamsa is made. Pandurangi Former Prof, of Sanskrit Bangalore University IV Contents 1 . Utilisation of Purvamimamsa nyaya in Dvaita Vedanta 6 6 1 3 . Justification of the word aditi belonging to Visnu prakarana 10 8 2 0 . Kurvannevch karmani jijiviset satam samah -^ 44(lftl w mu I Gita declares that no one can remain without any activity even for a moment.

It is hoped that this volume will be useful to research students and research scholars. Justification of the presence 110 of opposite attributes Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa v 2 1 . Na hi kascit ksanamapi jatu tisthati akarmakft * f| SIFJ I (Gita 3-5) Sacrificial activities constitute the Srauta religion.

Mahamahopadhyaya Ganganath Jha’s English translation of Sabarabhasya and Slokavartika are useful only to study the texts. Purvamimamsa technique of programme organisation 4 7 9. Use of Purvamimamsa nyaya to clarify 9 3 Dvaita interpretation and Dvaita doctrine 1 6 . 4 Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa Annad bhavanti bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavah yajhatbhavati parjanyo yajriah karmasamudbhavah 3WI-«*=l£l I 4f: *4^4: II (Gita 3-14) Since the sacrificial activity leads to the welfare of all it has to be carried on for ever, generations after generation.

These do not make a critical assessment with an interdisciplinary approach. Contribution of Purvamimamsa to Indian epistemology and semantics 5 4 10. Utilisation of Purvamimamsa nyayas in Vedanta 6 1 1 2. The word Jijnasa conveys the meaning vichara by Rudhi 9 7 1 7 . Justification of dual number referring to one 10 4 1 9 . fsavasya Upanisad advises to undertake the activities all along the life.


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