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There are years in which one or more prizes are not awarded, usually because no work was found to be of the required standard stipulated by Alfred Nobel.

Self-nominations are automatically disqualified and only living persons are eligible for the Nobel Prize.

Unlike many other awards, the Nobel Prize nominees are never publicly announced, and they are not supposed to be told that they were ever considered for the prize. After the nomination deadline, a committee compiles and reduces the number of nominations to a list of 200 preliminary candidates.

As an example of institute size, the Assembly for the Prize for Medicine has 50 members.

The members of the institution then vote to select the winner.

These include 817 Laureates and 23 organizations (since some individuals and organizations have been honored more than once, a total of 813 different individuals and 20 unique organizations have received awards).

A prize may be given to two works if they are both considered worthy of the prize.

The Nobel Prizes are named after Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist.

Between 19, the Nobel Prizes and the Prize in Economic Sciences were awarded 543 times.

Also, a prize may be awarded jointly to two or three persons who collaborated on the work that is being rewarded. The prize cannot be revoked and nominees must be living at the time of their nomination.

Since 1974, the award cannot be given out posthumously.


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