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He has the structural precision of Hitchcock, with an added gift of making the images breathe organically.” Palmer compares the directors’ penchants for fastidious storyboarding, but places emphasis on Spielberg’s willingness to improvise during production.“He instinctively knows how to dramatize an image, whilst also having the freedom to be playful.” The comparison extends frequently and specifically to “Rear Window,” which Palmer cites as the inspiration for the “point of view reaction system” Spielberg uses throughout the scene.

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The friendly and pure sea may turn into the bitterest enemy of him.

One day, when I wanted to escape from the world and spend some time on my own, I came on the beach as usual, took the place just at the water’s edge, and closed my eyes.

Expert editing, integrated interviews, and use of other films (by way of compare/contrast) collude to make this first episode a clear stalwart in web-based film analysis.

Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait long for Episode Two.

Palmer compares Spielberg to Hitchcock throughout the video, prompted in no small part by the following quote attributed to the older director: “Young Spielberg is the first one of us who doesn’t see the proscenium arch.

He has such a nimble way of orchestrating the camera.I know that a lot of people may think that such a pastime is too boring and that it is impossible to stay immovable for such a long period of time.I guess that they have never been at the seaside yet and this is the only sound argument, which I am able to find.Those, who aren’t acquainted with the beach, the sea, and know nothing about the summer funs, are not able to imagine the mixture of the feelings, which fill the soul here.Spending time on the beach can be comparable with no other activities. I hope that the next descriptive essay about the beach will turn your head, pull you out of the habitual lifestyle and move you far from the concrete jungles, where you live.I was sitting with my eyes closed and enjoying the fresh sea smell when suddenly I heard a strange noise.I opened my eyes, saw nothing and closed them again.The sun’s beams reached my face and I felt how they covered my skin with the tan.I was dreaming about my pretty image in the mirror, which would be of bright bronze color.I was sure that it was just the howl of the wind, which started getting stronger.I tried to sink into my own thoughts and I started watching how the gentle flows washed the fingers on my legs.


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