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Mom always wanted Merida to grow up like a real princess — well-bred, elegant and refined.She constantly tries to put her daughter in the right direction; she wants to marry her daughter to the king from another kingdom.

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Maybe it’s because there is a record-breaking heat wave currently making its way through the northeast corner of the United States.

Maybe it’s because my landlord nailed the screen into my window so I can’t put in an air conditioner.

At this stage, the readers/viewers/listeners will start to be joining the cartoonists, bringing their sticky notes with them.

Their job, working with the team, is to discuss the answer that appears to be emerging, and to determine where to place their sticky-notes to best effect to help provide the essential detail to give substantiation to the ideas identified in the cartoons.

However, the princess likes to shoot arrows and walk in the woods.

One day Merida quarrels with her mother and wants to change her.

This is a cartoon about how hard it is to fix all the bad things that we do to our loved ones and how important it is to value what you have.

My cartoon essay has a goal to make you necessarily watch this cartoon and show it to your children and parents.

It is definitely worth it, and you will get only positive emotions and impressions.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about air conditioning.


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