Essay On City Life In Pakistan

Cities are the great havens for knowledge, culture, and social life.

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Today, the growth of cities such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Mexico City is limited by transport systems that have ceased to function at a tolerable cost (including the cost of travel time and indirect costs such as pollution).

Since the economic power of the city depends in part on bringing large numbers of people within close proximity to one another, it is important to encompass as many people as possible.

Public transport does not usually measure up very well - a competent bicyclist is usually faster door-to-door than the bus or even the subway.

In many large cities, the car no longer delivers high door-to-door speeds, either.

Moynihan argued that one of the contributors to social malaise in the United States was the generally bad quality of public architecture since WW II.

Essay On City Life In Pakistan

I believe now, although I did not at the time, that he is not only correct but too conservative in his views.Far from the evanescent spotlights of the media that cover consistently the terror attacks with no further perspective, the “architecture of in/security” is experienced every day by millions of people who are affected by it. The High Court bomb aftermath that targeted police stationed there prior to a lawyer’s protest; the General Post Office (GPO) in the background is across the street from the courthouse. CASUALTIES OF WAR Lahore today looks like a city at war.Through a cartographic assignment Sadia also exposes how this same architecture, despite its effect on everyone, is implemented mostly in favor of the higher social classes and, ultimately participate to the literal fragmentation of classes within the city. One of the greatest unacknowledged casualties of the United States’ “war on terror” has been the cities — and citizenry — of Pakistan.The size of cities is limited by the availability of food that can be transported to the city and still sold cheaply.The explosive growth of London in the 19th century followed the development of canals and railroads.The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to oust the Taliban from power in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.[i] In 1985, sixteen years prior, President Ronald Reagan equated the Taliban mujahideen who had defeated the Soviet’s in Afghanistan as “the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers.”[ii] This presidential stance has obviously changed since.In 2008 the US committed another surge of troops to Afghanistan due to the continued presence of the Taliban in the region.Pakistani military operations were waged in parallel in the northwest regions of the country bordering Afghanistan.Since then Pakistan has seen a particularly stark backlash within its borders as a response to its continued collaboration with its close ally.[iii] Militants within Pakistan have retaliated by targeting police and security sites in cities throughout the country.In fact, the poor quality of virtually all the built environment in the United States causes a wide variety of social and psychological problems.A healthier society awaits the decision to construct buildings which respect the environments in which they are sited and which better serve basic human needs.


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