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Local institutions (the mayor, etc.) will be under this government delegate and will report to him.

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But the problems with the NCAA didn't begin on Sept. The story of the NCAA is a story of power, money and corruption. And it's the athletes and their families who get hurt."I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming that I walk in the door, and he's hanging or he shot himself because he's that depressed," the mother of a former college basketball player tells . Now he pulls 12 hour shifts in the oil fields near Odessa, Texas.

Amateurism In The NCAAThe college sports industry brings in about $10 billion in annual revenue, but how much of that do the athletes themselves see?

In other words, they vote for the candidate who will best provide for them, based on the previously mentioned factors (ethnicity, religion, or both).

This puts the population in a position of weakness and silence in the adverse of corruption.

The main causes being a deep lack of political will to fight corruption and neopatrimonialism.

Other causes include; personal interests & absence of duty conscience, weak judiciary &almost nonexistent opposition in the legislative, nepotism & favouritism, ineffective system of accountability, among others.Cameroon also witnessed the prosecution of corruption committed by a former prime minister, Ephraim Inoni, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2013 for embezzlement.Several high corruption risk sectors, such as customs and public procurement, pose obstacles for doing business in Cameroon.HBCUs And Their Role In Disrupting The College Sports 'Cartel'Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) once boasted some of the best college sports programs in the country.But they've been all but shut off from the booming big-time NCAA economy.In Cameroon, the central government’s fear of losing power to local institutions is show-cased by the lethargic ‘implementation’ of the decentralisation law passed in 2004, but actually, the constitution of 1996 already mentioned the creation of a decentralised state.Till today, this law has never been fully implemented and in the meantime, the government has found a way to regain control of local institutions (should this law be fully implemented one day) by creating a position called délégué du gouvernement (Government delegate).Cameroon's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has been consistently poor through out the history of Transparency International.According to Transparency International, corruption in Cameroon was at its worst in the late 90's when Cameroon topped the ranking of most corrupted countries in the world in 19.Two decades later, even though Cameroon does not top the said ranking any longer, it is still among the top 30 most corrupted countries in the world.The reasons for this – according to Transparency International – are; a weak judiciary, strong executive, and widespread poverty.


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