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Read more Accessible Sustainable Ecotourism: Necessary Market Adjustments in a New Age of Travel The environment has become one of the most important criteria for today’s traveler.Whereas comforts and luxuries once played the major role in a traveler’s decision-making process, things have very much evolved since then.Today’s tourists are willing to pay for the preservation of the natural and social environments they seek to explore....Read more Is there a Tiger Tourism Crisis in India? Since 2000 myself and my wife, who is also a biologist and a specialist in bioacoustics and wildlife sound recordings, have visited India four times.During these trips I have visited different National Parks, Tiger Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries such as Taroba NP.(Maharastra), Bandhavgharth N. Read more Guidelines for Eco Travelers As an eco- traveller it is your responsibility to prevent or minimise any negative impacts on the environment, local community and economy of the destination you are visiting.A sound ecotourism is characterized by the four key hallmarks that distinguish it from simple nature, wildlife or adventure tourism. Local Participation Unfortunately, ecotourism will not be successful without effective management and the framework, which has been presented, will be of little consequence in the absence of adequate institutional arrangements and administrative commitments. To assist and encourage the participation of the NGO’s. To facilitate the functioning of the ecotourism development. But in case of the ecotourism we have to generate revenue to make theory a practice. This means that care should be taken to ensure that the goals of tourism development do not interfere with the goals of protecting natural areas and biodiversity.The four hallmarks are that ecotourism projects have should: 1. Educate visitors and members of the local community. The development of positive relationship between people, resources and tourism is very unlikely to occur without implementation of effective policies, management strategies, and involvement of a wide range of organizations, including NGO’s and other development agencies. And the success of the ecotourism depends upon the quality of tourism. All the stakeholders in tourism development should safeguard the natural environment with a view to achieving sound, continuous, and sustainable economic growth geared to satisfying equitably the needs and aspirations of present and future generations.Have you written a report or article focussing on the issues of Ecotourism? Please submit any essays, reports or articles relating to ecotourism and we will display them on our site (giving you the full credit and links to your you\ your organisation\ business).*All submissions prior to August 2008 are automatically entered into our 'best article' competition.Be designed, built and operated so that they leave a “soft imprint”. Contribute money to the local economy and local community services. Contribute financially to environmental protection. The definitions of ecotourism focus on three significant aspects viz. It differs in a meaningful way from mass tourism that aims at consuming nature leaving it depleted on more than one front. To get success in ecotourism we should follow a process. To plan for tourism development on the basis of sustainability. And this depends upon the resource exploitation and the revenue generated. Conservation, sustainability and biological diversity are the three interrelated aspects of ecotourism. The various steps of this process may include the following: a. While developing the ecotourism, we can opt for several methods of revenue generation as follows: 1.


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