Essay On Effects Of Global Warming

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This causes a decrease in population and less production in our economy. Many people die from natural disasters and these people are business employees, home providers, and otherwise important for our economy to function.Natural disasters include: hurricanes, tsunamis’, earthquakes, and floods. With a decrease in population there would be less production in the world’s economy.The climate on our earth is continuing to rise and as a result, our biological systems are being affected.

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These disasters can potentially lead to a huge economic loss and have proven to do so in the past. 5 Natural disasters cause major setbacks in economies and to this day these economies are still trying to pick themselves back up.

On August 29th, 2005, New Orleans faced a treacherous hurricane called “Katrina”.

Many companies and businesses were destroyed as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Some of these companies were just being built and as a result, were uninsured.

Climate change is evident and continues to change weather patterns, which cause negative outcomes.

The biological systems, natural disasters, and pandemics are all causes of global warming and have hurt the economy.

Climate change is proven to be a threat and has affected many industries such as: agriculture, forestry, and oceans/fresh water.

Something must be done to help stabilize the economy and to prevent climate change from having such a negative impact on our economy.

Global warming has had a negative impact on our biological systems and has definitely proven to be an economic problem.

As a result of warmer temperatures, agricultural sectors are being affected.


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