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Those people who are wealthy and have wealth in society, are considered respected and respected in the society, however, a poor person is seen with a view of hatred of no good spirit.

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All these changes and differences are only due to money.

Money is a very important thing for a human being to live satisfactorily in his life.

People living in urban areas earn more money than people living in rural areas because people of urban areas are very easy to access the technology and they have more sources, which increase their ability to earn money.

Due to this, people of rural areas are lagging behind in development and urban areas become more developed.

In the importance of wealth, there has been a large increase in the area of ​​production, consumption, exchange, distribution, public revenue etc.

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It plays a very important role in determining income, employment, income-corporation, general value level, etc.If the scenario of the present time is seen, there is no doubt that, who has wealth, it is considered to be more civilized in the world.So wealth has displayed its importance in every aspect of life.In this competitive world, every person wants to do good studies with higher education from a well-known college or university to earn money by getting a good job.To meet the needs of all members of the family, a person needs to earn more money, especially for the person who is the only earning earner in the family.A person needs money for the needs of all the members of his family to eat, wear, and live.Rich persons have a special identity and fame in the society, however, poor people spend their lives in getting food for only two times in a day.In the absence of money, the death of a person is certain and if his life is saved then he has to face many hardships.Money enables us to buy all the necessary things and helps us throughout our life.Nowadays, everything has become expensive but buying them is very essential for living a normal life.If we do not have money then how will our situation, no one can even imagine this truth?


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