Essay On My Favorite Book Harry Potter

This is the second time I've read this book, but I feel that I understood it better.

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As a child, this sort of empathy spoke to me, as I think most children grow up with a fear of being misunderstood and judged for our differences.

But Rowling does teach us that, while Lupin could have easily taken matters into his own hands and sought revenge for the prejudice he faced since childhood, he instead counteracts the perceptions of others with the genuine compassion and integrity he is so often denied.

This year is even more action filled than the last.

Very early in the story, bad things are already beginning to happen such as, Demonters show up on Privet Drive, Harry is caught using magic out of school for the second time (meaning that he is to face expulsion), and Harry finds out about a secret force called the Order of the Phoenix.

Even his own friends, who do all that they can to help him during the full moon, still see him Fortunately, we get to see Lupin through the eyes of Harry, who after years of abuse at the hands of his aunt and uncle, knows a thing or two about being loathed for something that others perceive to be inherently dangerous.

Unlike Ron, who grew up in wizarding society and has been taught to loathe and fear werewolves, Harry is barely fazed by Lupin’s revelation about his condition, instead only questioning his trustworthiness when it seems Lupin must be in league with a murderer.He struggles almost his entire life with lycanthropy and is barely able to make ends meet due to society’s treatment of him.Despite his talent and congeniality, Remus lives every day of his life looking over his shoulder, hoping this month isn’t the one where someone will put the pieces together, where his absence at the full moon might be met with sympathy and understanding rather than revulsion and fear.This secret group of people include those who Harry has known, such as the Weasleys, Sirius, Mad-eye, Lupin, and Dumbledore.Then there are people who he just meets like Tonks, Kingsley, Diggle, Emmeline, Elphias, Dedalus, and Sturgis.The book is about a seventeen-year-old wizard, named Harry Potter, who has to travel all over England to find things that will help him defeat the evil wizard, Lord Voldomort.The main theme/moral of the entire series is good will always triumphs over evil.The next place they look is a small town called Godric’s Hollow, which is where Harry was born.They go to meet with a wizard historian there but she had actually been killed and is now possessed by Nagini, Lord Voldomort’s pet python.But during a wedding at his friend Ron’s house the death eaters, followers of Voldomort, show up and Harry Ron and Hermione have to leave a little earlier than expected.Luckily Hermione had packed an emergency bag with most of the stuff they needed.


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