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This line of argumentation also spilled over to religious identity as well.Religion was used as the basis for the two nation theory which led to the partition of United India into India and Pakistan.

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When various groups feel assured that their identities would not be threatened, but will actually flourish in the idea or imagination of a nation, only then a diverse but united nation like India can sustain and grow.

Only an inclusive imagination can breed patriots, since exclusivity breeds division, secession and war.

The emergence of Kosovo in South-Eastern Europe and Southern Sudan in Africa highlight the fact that the process of Nation-Formation is still on, even in the 21st century.

The history of and 19th century and the more recent struggle for and foundation of Bangladesh was largely based upon this very premise.

This is the reason all nations try to trace their history to a hoary past.

Failure of being able to discover or forge one’s history is seen as an existential question mark constantly lurking upon its national identity.

Culture has also served as the bedrock of various nationalisms.

The diversity of cultures has been seen as a challenge to the formation of a strong singular national identity.

The modern state of Israel is also an example of the formation of National identity on the basis of an imagined coherence between Culture and Religion on one hand and Nation-State on the other.

All or any of these identities are given the form of National identity with the help of history.


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