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Analogy: Another word for similar Iambic Pentameter: Words that sound pleasing to the ear.

Dramatic Irony: It is is something that the audience knows but not the character acting on the stage. Blank Verse: Verse without rhyme, especially that which uses iambic pentameter.

The lack of involvement time had in the speaker’s life during her loss made it apparent how deeply grief-stricken she was.

Nevertheless, if this poetic device had not been used to convey the theme, it would have turned out less impressive, if not awkward.

In the poem Consequently, this picturesque poetic device helped communicate the theme of lost love by helping the reader associate the personas’ thoughts and beliefs with their own.

Furthermore, a second poetic device used in both of these poems was personification.

This poem has a little bit of rhyme scheme and rhyme.

The poetic devices are repetition and personification.

Imagery: The author uses word to create an image that appeals to senses. Allegory: The author delivers a message to the audience.

A story that is meant to teach you something, the one that has an underlying much deeper than the surface message that is given.


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