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does more harm than good to the present younger generation. If parents do not control their wards, their role models could very well be attractive villains and corrupt politicians and criminals in real life too.

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She is very tentative when it omes to her child’s problem.

Some might argue that leaving child alone a home involves risk.

The cheap comedies and cartoons do not help in children's mental development. The election scene, a holocaust, agitations and riots, political events etc can be seen and one’s understanding of these events is increased. With all these advantages, the television also has its disadvantages.

The television is yet another scientific marvel of our modern age. It is an improvement on the radio because here bothe the audio and visual are transmitted. The television is an important medium for transmitting the daily news of national and international news.

From here the question arises : Is working mother a boon or a bane?

M any would agree that working mother poses a threat to a child’s development.

Her work tends to take away the precious time she would have spent with her young one.

The tension and workload of office devoids her to share any emotional moment with her child.

They desire to make the best of time and opportunity to earn respect and for success.

But is this success driven desire taking away the child hood of many urban children?


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