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The mother/daughter relationship amongst different people can be the same, but also very different.

There are many similarities in the relationships between the mothers and daughters in the short stories, "Who's Irish?

Loretta’s pre-college schooling is better than what Gordon was provided, but both earn a Master’s degree and use it to teach. According to an Internet biography, Gordon received the same kind of influence from Elizabeth Hardwick and Janice Thaddeus.

Gordon actually considered becoming a nun, a lifestyle that Loretta also briefly contemplates.

Her mother has taught her lessons about working for what you receive; therefore, Loretta never bathes for fear that she would be “putting herself in the camp of the Lavins’ children” (p. Although she doesn’t like children, she makes an effort to engage herself in play with the oldest child, John Lavin, as her way of “pa[ying] her board” (p. She knew her mother would have expected this of her.

Although it is never written that the Lavin family is anything but accommodating during Loretta’s stay, Loretta constantly feels like an outsider.

Nunez ENC11026 February 2003Mother Daughter Relationships What is the "mother-daughter" relationship?

I have no direct information on this because I am not a daughter.

She is convinced that her mother’s actions caused Martine Lavin, the matriarch of the family, and other community members to see her as an inferior person.

Later, when she becomes a well-educated woman, she still feels that her old community would condemn her because of her mother’s earlier behavior.


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