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As a result, a ban on smoking will not result in the prevention of smoking, but rather create profitable terms for the development of the black market.

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Another common reason for people to start smoking is to look cool.Such legislation was repealed in thirteen years due to total failure (Thornton).Such laws had more disadvantages in many perspectives, including the inability to stop the spread of alcohol.The issue is that cigarette smoking is a mass phenomenon around the world and has raised the degree of epidemics due to the number of smokers.It is noteworthy to claim that the prevalence of smoking often relates to the cheap and mass-produced manufacturing of cigarettes.Can Smoking Be Prevented by Making Tobacco Illegal?The problem of smoking plays an important role in modern society.Nicotine can stay in the body for up to eight hours a day.Once it is inhaled into the body, it is carried to the brain and produces chemical changes in the brain which causes a craving for more. One of the key ingrediant that leads to an addiction is the chemical nicotine.Nicotine is a very dangerous chemical that can cause addiction.


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