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Secondly, governments promote the value of health seeking.We are meant always to be seeking health for this or that condition.

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First they encourage introspection, telling us that unless men examine their testicles, unless we keep a check on our cholesterol level, then we are not being responsible citizens.

You are letting down yourself, your wife, your kids, everybody.

The solution is simple, and it comes straight out of the sociology literature: The media have every right and responsibility to tell the story, but they must be persuaded not to glorify the killers by presenting their images on TV.”This is an excerpt from Grossman’s essay.

He is clearly convincing the public about the violent television programs and their impacts on the kids.

The average child gets more one-on-one communication from TV than from all her parents and teachers combined.

The ultimate achievement for our children is to get their picture on TV.The beauty of her writing is that she has made her readers think by asking rhetorical questions and answering them.The major function of a persuasive essay is to convince readers that, if they take a certain action, the world will be a better place for them.’ Or at least, ‘Where do I send the check for the chicken nuggets? Mostly, our responses range from ‘I wonder if that would look good on me?’ to ‘I don’t know who that skinny-ass cow is, but I hate her already.’Just check the strength of the argument of Belinda Luscombe about purchasing things.That is why they are presented with arguments supported with evidences, statistics and facts.Persuasion is done for these reasons: A persuasive essay is intended to persuade readers to do certain things, or not to do certain things.We are encouraged continually to worry about our health.As a consequence, public health initiatives have become, as far as I can tell, a threat to public health.See how strong his arguments are in favor of his topic.“And what do we the people say?Do we rise up and say, ‘I categorically refuse to buy any article of clothing unless the person promoting it weighs more than she did when she wore knee socks?


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