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Therefore, you should always cite your work while using any essay from the site.The essays cover different topics to suit the needs of all students hungry for education.Essay-Base boasts of highly educated and experienced writers dedicated to coming up with high-quality essays on a regular basis.123Help Me has a special colour classification system on the left side of the main page for grouping or categorising information with similar characteristics.The system comprises of 7 colours: red, indicating important information that has existed on the site for quite a long time; orange, indicating documents yet to be reviewed; yellow, indicating short documents containing minor grammatical and spelling errors; purple, indicating high-quality documents; blue, higher quality documents as compared to those in purple section; aqua, documents containing no errors, and green for perfect documents.To make your work easier, 123Help Me provides you with a number of work tools to help you out: writer's block tool, allows you to enter a keyword or keywords so you can get some good writing ideas; topic & title generator, suggests a title or topic for you based on your keywords; vocabulary tool, allows you to improve your vocabulary, and info page allowing you to search for essays written by particular authors.Chuc III is a free essay website dedicated to helping you with all your academic and essay needs as you pursue your university or college education.For the paid account, the amount of fee you pay depends on the type of membership you want to apply for.Payment can be made via Pay Pal debit card, or credit card.The main page is fully equipped with links that you can click to go through your choice of topic.Notable topics include geography, religion, aviation, education, sports & recreation, engineering, astronomy, environmental sciences, among others.


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