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They were afraid of causing panic and facing consequences of visit bans from western countries.

Many infected persons did not receive help on how to live positively.

Apart from the towns, the spread of AIDS was great along major roads that were used by truck drivers transporting goods over long distances.

Migrants like traders, miners and traders contributed to the great spread of AIDS in Africa in the 1980s and the 1990s. Some behaviors like prostitution, some lifestyles, promiscuity and drug abuse started being associated with AIDS.

Though trained in Norway, she has spent most of her life in Africa, growing up in Tanzania as the eldest of a missionary couple’s six children, attending prep school in South Africa, and, after college and medical school in Norway, doing graduate work in Malawi and Zimbabwe. No ethics board would approve placebos under those conditions. Kjetland reached for the mounted magnifying scope she uses to examine girls.“They’re not looking in the right places,” she said.

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An estimated 200 million Africans have had schistosomiasis. A gold standard study to prove the connection would be both impractical and unethical: Researchers would have to divide hundreds of infant girls into two groups, give half deworming drugs and half placebos, wait until they were perhaps 20 years old, and see how many had H. For years, theories have abounded as to why African women become infected with H. V.: for example, that they are more likely to have overlapping sexual partners — not always by choice — while women elsewhere have boyfriends or husbands in series. Salim Abdool Karim, a renowned South African AIDS researcher who admires Dr. His team follows more than 1,000 women in an area only 40 miles from Otimati with equally high H. Most gynecologists, she explained, are trained to look for cancer, which usually starts near the center of the cervix, while sandy patches are tucked away in crevices that can be seen only by swinging the scope to extreme angles.

The known history of AIDS in Africa is a short and a rather funny one.

It is believed that the first case of AIDS could have been as early as in 1930.

The worms can be killed by a drug that costs as little as 8 cents a pill. Kjetland’s team is trying to determine whether that will heal the sores in young women.

(To her frustration, although the drug is sold by generic makers for as little as eight cents a pill, South African patent laws permit only the Bayer version, which costs .)Then she meets with groups of girls ages 16 and up to ask the sexually active ones to come to Otimati for gynecological exams and blood tests.


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