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Even when he is wounded for the first time, his duration in the hospital s ... Compare Fallen Angels to All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque’s famous antiwar novel from World War I. Why is it ironic that so many war protesters are college students? Trace Richie’s attitude toward the war through his letters to his family.

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As this is all happening and fire continues, dusk falls and the night moons sweeps overhead.

In a matter of 15 minutes darkness has fallen and Peewee and Perry are lost alone and unsure if their troop has any remainders.

Would you characterize Fallen Angels as an antiwar novel? How does the novel portray the effects of the war on race and class issues, and the effects of race and class issues on the war?

How does Fallen Angels address matters of race and class in America?

They both jump into the cramped spider hole and spend the night while the N.

Vietnamese troops stop for the night and sleep no more than 100 feet from their hiding spot.Vietnamese troops resting to set an ambush on them.When they start up the hill, fire breaks out on the rest of their squad, and they run away up the hill to safety.He portrays the ability of warfare to destroy the human spirit and the struggle of warriors to preserve their humanity.In Fallen Angels, Walter Dean Myers introduces the theme of how a person can change just by the environment they enter. When Jenkins, a boy Perry met on the plane ride over, steps on a mine and is killed on their first patrol Perry is dumb stuck and no longer finds anything joyful about life.Recently he's joined the army and been assigned domestic work as he hoped for due to his bad leg and unreliable strength on it.Then, by accident of paperwork, he was eventually sent to Nam and put directly onto the field.Lieutenant Carroll has coping strategies that include a strong religious faith, prayer, and idealization of the “angel warriors.” It is he who teaches Perry to pray when the young narrator most feels despair and loss.Through these and other characters, Walter Dean Myers shows that war strains human emotional resources to the limit: Perry hallucinates and experiences an out-of-body episode.The narrator, Richard Perry, is an apt describer of events who acts as a camera lens for readers, viewing the action without filter and without judgment—a reader becomes a participant in the experience alongside the naïve yet forthright young man.Perry comes from a poor family, and the Army acts as his “college” of sorts.


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