Essays Of Idleness By Yoshida Kenko

Essays Of Idleness By Yoshida Kenko-86
People are all alike: they spend their days running about frantically, oblivious to their insanity…Someone remarked, “In the Mountains there is a man-eating beast called the nekomata.” Another man said, “They’re not only found in the mountains.Even in this neighborhood cats have grown in nekomata, with time and experience, and some have been known to eat people.” A priest named Amidabutsu, a linked-verse poet who lived near the Gyoganji, heard this story and decided that he would have to be more careful henceforth when he traveled alone.

In the first essay of “If One Is Born in This World,” he said that men should be cultivated even though they have beauty and good personality.

“What a shame it is when men of excellent appearance and character prove hopelessly inept in social encounters with their inferiors in both position and appearance, solely because they have badly educated” 823).

His legs gave way and he tumbled into the river, crying, “Help! Apparently his dog, recognizing his master in the dark, had jumped on him.

In Tamba there is a place called Izumo where they have built a splendid shrine in imitation of the Great Shrine. One morning he invited the holy man Shokai and many other people to see him. There must be a profound reason.” He turned to the others.

That admission, by the way, is, at this very moment leading some of my friends to suggest that the Law of Attraction, my internal desires, or my nonlocal interconnectedness among everything via quantum entanglement drove me to converse with the Buddhist, thus sparking an interest in Buddhism. Anyway, I’m still very much in the beginning stages of this research, so I’m not in a position to write about it.

I did, though, find some interesting passages in a mid-fourteenth century journal that I thought might be interesting to share.

I believe his statement is true, because education gives people more knowledge, wisdom, and enable to have open minded. For example, if a boss writes a report which has a lot of grammatical and vocabularies errors, other colleagues will look down on him/her and questions themselves whether he/she is qualified for that position.

Depends on country and cultures, the education norm define differently.

If a man conforms to society, his mind will be captured by the filth of the outside world, and he is easily led astray; if he mingles in society, he must be careful that his words do not offend others, and what he says will not at all be what he feels in his heart.

He will joke with others only to quarrel with them, now resentful, now happy, his feelings in constant turmoil.


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