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Lichtenstein created a wide array of work and much of it has gained positions of prominence among art theorists.

Lichtenstein created a wide array of work and much of it has gained positions of prominence among art theorists.

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Art, however, has less to do with the production process and more to do with the completed production itself; in fact, it is more of a concept than a physical item. The term ical music” is a very broad one, referring to the mainstream music produced between the mid-16th century and the beginning of the 20thcentury: a time also known as the common practice period.Gather information about the artist, title, where and when the work was made, present location of the work (e.g., gallery, museum). What is the medium (e.g., oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, marble)?If it’s a painting, what is the support (e.g., canvas, wood panel, paper)? Is it about a concept or idea, such as color, shape or space? Describe how the artist uses the elements of art: line, shape, form, space, color and texture.To write about art appreciation, it is important to know the vocabulary, or language, of art.It will help you structure your essay and effectively express your ideas, opinions and feelings to your reader.This way I greatly enjoy these complex and hybrid forms of expression.Another great factor that contributes to my appreciation of the work is its position as a seminal work of Pop Art.There are a number of aesthetic reasons I appreciate this work of art.Perhaps the most prominent is because the work combines both cubism and a comic book style. Seemingly these individuals are a woman and a man, however, Lichtenstein uses cubist-like forms to obscure easy and clear distinctions.The comic book form that Lichtenstein implements is also adopted from mass culture, a characteristic element of Pop art (Hapgood, p 21).Additionally, the post-modern notion that displaces the recognition of ‘high’ art as the most privileged art form is reflected directly in Lichtenstein’s ‘Stepping Out’.


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