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Several of these Acts have now been amended or repealed.There are also a number of Acts which have been passed through Parliament since 2003 that have constitutional status.

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Another important source of the United Kingdom's constitutional rules can be found within the law reports, which report on the important judicial decisions made within the court system.

Judges in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all contributed to the development of constitutional principles within the UK.

In order to understand the United Kingdom's constitution, which is largely unwritten, it is necessary to consider a number of legal and non-legal sources.

Members of the House of Commons (elected) and of the House of Lords (unelected) approve statutes, which are drafted by government lawyers and scrutinised by the two Houses during the legislative process.

The essay should not exceed 1500 words in total (excluding footnotes).

Candidates applying to the Comparative Constitutional Law Program are expected to be familiar with the public law system of their own country and may find useful reading Andras Sajo - Renata Uitz, The Constitution of Freedom, An Introduction to Legal Constitutionalism (OUP, 2017).Application requirements Completed applications must be submitted Describe and discuss a recent problem or challenge relating to separation of powers and checks and balances in your country in 300 to 500 words.In the rest of the essay, please reflect on this problem from a comparative constitutional perspective by explaining its origins, how similar issues emerge in other countries, and how such problems are resolved in national constitutions or constitutional case law.Finally, informal resolutions between parties in constitutional matters can be made where there is no legislative solution to an issue.Constitutional conventions or political precedents can be created in this way when relevant parties show evidence of being willing to adhere to the resolution to the issue.For information about the UK's withdrawal from the European Union and its implications, visit the Brexit section of this guide.For assistance with historical research, consult the Law Library's guides to English Legal History and Scottish Legal History.In (2003) Laws LJ defined constitutional statutes as those which condition the legal relationship between the citizen and the state in some general overarching matter; or which contribute in some way to fundamental constitutional rights.He went on to list a number of other constitutional statutes.In a common law system, the courts also interpret the statutory legislation by clarifying points of law which require interpretation.Judicial precedent in England and Wales binds lower courts and creates a series of judicial decisions which itself can be considered a source of constitutional law.


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