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He avoided Quebec separatism and brought the province closer to the rest of Canada through the Official Languages Act.Trudeau ended the status as one of Britain’s colonies with the new Canadian Constitution, which included a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that gave basic rights to each and every Canadian.

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Trudeau is also recognized for suppressing violent revolt in the Canada, and instituting the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” contained in Canada’s constitution (Fortes & Evans-Pritchard, 2005) .

His critics indict him of economic mismanagement, severe arrogance, and disproportionately favoring the federal government in relation regional governments, particularly in trying to manage and control national wealth especially oil in Prairies.

His inborn charisma of joining politics where rekindled when he supported the Asbestos strike of 1949, from where he started to criticize the regional government of Quebec, marking the commencement of resistance to the conservatives that had long ruled and managed the province of Quebec.

Throughout his early career, Trudeau was the most important figure in the resistance to the oppressive rule of the regional government of Quebec under Maurice Duplessis.

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Minister Pierre Trudeau is one of the world’s greatest political leaders who shall be remembered for the greatest work and contribution to modern day society.

He also developed Canada’s status with the world through his efforts to create world peace.

The Official Languages Act was one of the ways Pierre Trudeau had a positive impact on Canada.

He was lucky to be born in a wealthy family and he was able to attend the prestigious private school called Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, where he became affiliated with Quebec nationalism concepts.

In 1943 he was able to earn a law degree at the University of Montreal, where like other Canadian men he was recruited into the Armed forces as part of the government policy.


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