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Essays On Shakespeare'S Sonnet 18-29
This is like an 'introductory map' for your teacher/examiner - they know where you are going to take them with this.Don't fall into the trap of writing the whole essay in the first paragraph.Summary One of the best known of Shakespeare's sonnets, Sonnet 18 is memorable for the skillful and varied presentation of subject matter, in which the poet's feelings reach a level of rapture unseen in the previous sonnets.

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While it is not possible to write an Introduction for you, it is possible to guide you to how to write it yourself.

First, you want to identify the Sonnet by answering the who, what, to whom, when, and where, if where is applicable, of the sonnet. What would be a fourteen line sonnet with a rhyming couplet in the last two lines.

The use of imagery, metaphors, and personification are used to develop these themes of the sonnets.

However, each sonnet addresses how they view immortality in different ways.

Or are they simply wrinkles meant to represent the process of aging?

Whatever the answer, the poet is jubilant in this sonnet because nothing threatens the young man's beautiful appearance.Assuming that you are explicating the poem, or explaining its meaning, you might include some of the following in an introduction: An introduction is meant to introduce the reader to the basic information regarding the poem.Assuming that you are explicating the poem, or explaining its meaning, you might include some of the following in an introduction: Your body paragraphs would then use the specific details from the poem to prove your thesis statement.“Death be not proud, though some have called thee/Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so” (1-2).Here death is being personified and confronted As we read through the poem, we find out things about Death like who he associates with.Use quotes from the poem that are examples of what you are saying. If you have been assigned to write an explication to this sonnet by William Shakespeare, you may wish to introduce your interpretive explanation by placing the sonnet in its context with others.For example, you might quote line 11 of the poem to show the personification of death. For instance, you may wish to mention that it carries a similar theme, tone, subject, etc. For instance, in Sonnet XVII, Shakespeare, as the speaker, writes in his couplet that the object of his love "should live twice;--in it [life], and in my rhyme." Now, in Sonnet XVIII, the speaker contends that his love will again live forever in "eternal lines." While there are several other parallels which you can use to introduce the sonnet, as well, theme is often a strong idea and works well as you lead into your explication.The imagery is the very essence of simplicity: "wind" and "buds." In the fourth line, legal terminology — "summer's lease" — is introduced in contrast to the commonplace images in the first three lines.Note also the poet's use of extremes in the phrases "more lovely," "all too short," and "too hot"; these phrases emphasize the young man's beauty.While “Sonnet 18” focuses on immortality by capturing beauty, immortality in “Death” is viewed through a religious perspective.The speaker of the poem “Death” shows fearlessness in the first stanza of the poem.


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