Essays On The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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Secondly, agriculture for ancient Mesopotamia was dreadful and Egyptian farming was almost trouble-free.

Mesopotamian land received little rainfall for crops; the soil was parched and it contained no minerals.

To guarantee the purest line of rulers, Pharaohs passed on the throne to the eldest son of the prime queen.

(Newman 59-60) This is important because it shows that Egyptians had a spiritual connection to the gods, which aloud them to have pharaohs, who were represented as gods on earth.

Differences between Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt It is not possible for civilizations to flow backwards while there is creativity and curiosity in the world.

Each civilization learns from the one before it, but sometimes they are created entirely different.

Contrasted to the Mesopotamians who did not know the flood timings of the Euphrates and Tigris River.

This shows how hard it was for Mesopotamians to farm under harsh conditions.

Even though both civilizations were located near water (the very basis of life), each had a different outcome with agriculture.

Thirdly, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian art was represented in diverse ways.


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