Essays On The Rise Of Fascism

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On account of their mutual differences and bickerings these parties could not take any concerted ac­tion against the terrorists and thereby greatly contributed to the rise of Fascism in Italy.

Finally, the programme of the Fascists which promised the people of Italy order and glory also greatly attracted the people and they extended willing support to its leaders.

Even many of those who supported his anti-communism feared Mussolini’s militaristic rhetoric.

Common to these accounts is the certainty that fascist success depended upon appeals to the Italian middle class and veterans of the First World War.

The Kansas City identified Mussolini’s fascism with the by-then familiar concept of “100 per cent Americanism,” while joining a host of other observers in praising the Fascist’s unmatched anti-communism and supposed returns to individualism, the rule of law, and respect for private control of property.

Papers like the Fort Worth reacted to Mussolini’s rise to power with measured unease rooted in fears of another general European war sparked by Italian conquests along the Adriatic.

Naturally Italy felt dissatisfied, disappointed and considerably wounded in her self- esteem. War had cost Italy dear, draining her of money, saddling her with budget deficit of over twelve thousand million lire, forcing up the cost of living.” Secondly, in the wake of war, Italy resorted to demobilization which created serious unemployment and bred discontent.

There were wide spread strikes and lock-outs in the country.

Thirdly, the Russian revolution was also inspired the Italian leaders. Under the existing system of franchise numerous political parties entered the Parliament.

The Italian Socialist leaders tried to fully exploit the extremely bad eco­nomic conditions prevailing in the post world war period and tried to transplant the Soviet system in Italy. The members of these parties often discussed irrevalent issues and did not pay attention to the public welfare.


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