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Their relationship can be compared and contrasted to Rick and Carl from The Walking Dead; both father/son groups relate to being the “good guys” in the new world....

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The father abandons his retelling of history or the past to his son.

He struggles to decide if he wants his son to intellectually understand the world or rather survive in it.

Cormac Mc Carthy confronts these fears in his novel, The Road.

Released in September 26, 2006, this novel has been opening reader’s eyes to the reality of survival.

An unexplained catastrophe has reduced the world to burnt, sparse land, home to few humans, dogs, and burnt plants.

Ash and toxic particles fill the air, never letting the sun fully shine through....

In Cormac Mc Carthy’s The Road, a father and his son are some of the only survivors left after a deadly cataclysm has struck the Earth. The only survivors have lost all of their moral and societal beliefs. Cannibals and murderers are abundant, but the father does not want his son to only experience this world.

Born after the world’s end, the son has never seen the beauty of life. [tags: Cormac Mc Carthy, The Road, Grammar, Family] - The Road by Cormac Mccarthy is a grim, terrifying story about the future of America.

The once simple journey transforms into a quest filled with exploitive vampires and meaningful conversations with food....

[tags: Cormac Mc Carthy, The Road, KILL, Quest] - A father and a son survives a cataclysmic event; the destruction of the world. It’s a dull, freezing, bleak, ashen-skied wasteland in which human beings are trying to survive....


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