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OBJECTIVE: We aim to assess the opinions of Mexicans in the state of Tlaxcala on abortion and other topics concerning women's reproductive health and status in society.MATERIAL AND METHODS: We summarize opinions on abortion and women's roles in society and perform logit regressions to assess characteristics correlated with support for abortion rights.

Additionally, Tlaxcala has a high rate of urban poverty and demographic conditions that put women at a disadvantage.

For example, women make up 66 percent of the illiterate population and the maternal mortality ratio is higher than the national average: 68.3 versus 63.3 deaths per 100 000 live births.

We aim to assess the opinions of Mexicans in the state of Tlaxcala regarding views on abortion, reproductive health topics, and women's roles in society.

We perform logit analysis and find that characteristics such as gender, education, religious affiliation and attendance, occupation, and opinions on women's roles are correlated with support for abortion rights. show that asking about abortion opinions in specific circumstances gives a more accurate description of opinions than asking whether someone disagrees or agrees with a woman's decision to have an abortion.

MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: El análisis de regresión logística analizó características asociadas con una postura de apoyo al derecho al aborto.

RESULTADOS: La mayoría no favoreció el derecho de las mujeres a interrumpir un embarazo cuando se preguntó de manera general.

Five organizations, including Catholics for a Free Choice (CDD); Gender Equity: Citizenship, Work, and Family; the Information Group on Reproductive Choice (GIRE); Ipas; and the Population Council, contributed to the design of the Opinion Survey in Urban Zones in Tlaxcala, 2005, which was carried out by Health and Demographic Investigation (Insad). We used a multi-stage probability sampling methodology, with Geostatistic Areas (AGEBs), which were created during the General Census of Population and Dwellings 2000, as the primary sampling units.

We randomly selected 950 dwellings in the cities of Tlaxcala and Apizaco.

In the final stage, we chose one person in each household, with all permanent residents over the age of 18 having an equal probability of being chosen.

A total of 950 households were sampled (475 in each city).


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