Ethical Problems Of Gambling Essay

In this essay I reflect on the ethical challenges of ethnographic fieldwork I personally experienced in a female gambling study.By assuming a covert research role, I was able to observe natural occurrences of female gambling activities but unable to make peace with disturbing feelings of my research concealment.

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There is still debate as to whether Pathological Gambling is an addiction, though it is more widely accepted now than 30 years ago.

Addiction, in general, works by stimulating the brain in a way that it becomes dependent on that stimuli.

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Excessive gambling has drastic effects on employment and finances as participants gamble their lives away.

Those at the height of their addiction repeatedly borrow and steal, often from family and friends, in an attempt reverse their losses.

This is especially true when alcoholism and gambling addiction are combined.

The acknowledgement of addictive drugs has been around for decades.

12-Step Programs, clinics, medical professionals, and websites have become dedicated to the understanding of the dangers of these substances.

Non-pharmacological addictions, however, are often called into question.


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