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It is the amalgamation of biological urges and necessities for the proliferation of human life and legacies.

If, as Sugiyama suggests, “the function of the character…is to illuminate the minds of our fellow beings,”[13] then Kingsolver is able to use Nature to make a statement.

May Day, as Hutton recounts in his , also had a reputation for such tawdry affairs.[10] The day also has a centuries-long history of songs and carols, and it was traditional to wake the May Queen with song.[11] Here, there is an incredible correlation with .

As the protagonists step onto Kingsolver’s stage, they remark upon the incredible eruption of birdsong that greets their arrival.

," this paper was written by Brittany Taylor (WC 2010) for a junior/senior seminar on women and creativity, and won the Valerie Kay Hardy Essay Award in 2010.

It is an in-depth analysis of Barbara Kingsolver's novel, , with support from a variety of texts and literary theory.They’d always let one goat escape and run off into the desert. It was supposed to be carrying off all their sins and mistakes from that year.(413) This story derives from Lusa’s half-Muslim heritage, and while Beltane may not have been Kingsolver’s source of reference, many traditions with religious and mythological roots have foundational similarities from race to race, region to region, religion to religion.By demolishing the presumed autonomy that Deanna has assumed, that Garnett has adopted after the death of his wife, that Lusa believes she has been forced into as an outsider to the Widener family, Kingsolver builds community where it is least expected.Deanna Woolfe, the first of three perspective-sharing protagonists, interprets the title phrase as “the season of extravagant procreation” (Kingsolver 51).By applying language typically reserved for sexual relations between animals to her human characters, she forces readers to think of humans as animals.Eddie’s olfactory attraction to Deanna is described in the same terms as Lusa’s meat goat breeding operation. “You’re a sweet, easy trail for a man to follow” (92).Everything is about sex, “even the air smelled like sexual ecstasy” (183).Deep into spring looking forward to summer, all of earth’s creatures are single-mindedly searching for a mate.Beltane and May Day also offer up more elicit recreational activities.When the moon had risen and families retired, young men and women would lie together, often anonymously, by the Beltane fires in a celebration of sexuality and fertility.


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