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The test they used to measure one's anxiety level may not work correctly, which skews the end results, when the participants are scored on how their anxiety levels correspond with the results of the test.

The testers are also not considering that if one has different anxiety levels, they might also have something else different with them that could skew the results.

In this study the subjects are tested on how they feel about certain robbery videos. Although we have long- term memory we still tend to forget things from the past. Sometimes people tend not to forget things if the person was involved in a major event called flashbulb memory.

There were four types of situations, a male cashier robbed by "low status" perpetrator, female cashier robbed by same "low status" perpetrator, same male victim robbed by "high status" perpetrator, and the same female cashier robbed by same "high status" perpetrator. A better question one may ask is what if eyewitness testimony is simply not consistent. The eyewitness identification of an accused criminal depends on the memory of the person pointing the finger. One way to be certain that the eyewitness was given proper instructions in the lineup was not corrersed in anyway and that all investigators involved testify accurately to the circumstances of confession and or eyewitness identification is to videotape any and all processes involved in the investigation. Long-term memory is not that accurate for example in eyewitness testimonies in federal cases people describes the person in 90 percent of some cases it had been false identification by one or more eyewitnesses.

Instead of looking directly at the criminal, witnesses may be distracted by a focus on the criminal’s weapon or their own search for an escape route.

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What witnesses think they see can also be affected by their stereotypes, biases, and expectations.

Aiming to distinguish reliable from unreliable eyewitness testimony, the U. The first three concern the eyewitness: his/her certainty about the identification, his/her opportunity to view the criminal during the crime, and his/her degree of attention during that time.

The fourth guideline refers to the accuracy of the eyewitness’s prior description of the perpetrator, and the fifth guideline focuses on the amount of time between the witnessing of the crime and the initial identification of the criminal.

The court revisited the reliability question in Manson v. While maintaining that due process involves a right to be free from faulty identification procedures, the court ruled that even procedures that violate due process can be admissible if otherwise reliable.

Critics claim that the court did not go far enough in delineating unreliable eyewitness testimony.


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