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A film ordinarily consists a discreet combination of various heterogeneous sources of information, which are essentially flowing from focal channels, sources and direction (Bellour and Penley, 2000).

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The approach used is almost similar to the one used in the analysis of other literary components (Gocski, 2004).

For instance, the manner in which the language is ordinarily displayed in theatre format is similar to the film format.

Consider the following caption: Here the artist zooms in the camera to focus on the pendant on the woman;s necklace.

The aim could be to bring out an element of beauty, class, and style, which is important when forming an actor’s character.

This becomes critical during analysis since one is able to interpret the plot development without much effort.

Diegetic sound is essentially a form of sound coming from a non identified source hence it can be used to introduce a different element into the scene.

The approach should entail focusing on the film variables like a normal composition.

This provides the person performing the analysis with the relevant expectation of what is entailed to happen in course of developing the plot for the film.

This is an element, which has critically been applied in most of the contemporary art of film technology (Jann, 2003).

Composition, narration and focal analysis is an area where analysis of a film needs to begin from regardless of the genre in consideration.


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